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Cyber Security Attacks and HIPAA Breaches

Healthcare companies must take steps to prevent data breaches that are on the increase in healthcare, as they are much simpler to perpetrate than data breaches in other sectors, such as retail and banking, and appear to be lucrative to the victim. Nonetheless, there is...

The Solutions To Prevent And Avoid Cyberbullying

It is the 21st century and the world we are currently living in is full of technologies. In every aspect of our daily lives to our jobs, we mostly use technologies as a sort of support. We use technologies everytime and everyday such as our...

The Causes And Effects Of Cyber Bullying

This paper will talk about the causes and effects of cyber-bullying, but first I will define the term. Cyber-bullying is often done by children who have increasingly early access to these technologies. The problem is compounded by the fact that a bully can hid behind...

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