Internet Of Things: Potential Threats To The Software

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Research Agenda

The objective of this papers is to propose a review of at least 20 papers from IEEE, ACM or other authentic Journals that published in 2016 – 2019. Student will can choose one topic which listed in this assignment only. The selection of the topic is Internet of Thing Security Architecture. This paper is to propose comprehensive guidelines for systematic literature reviews appropriate for researchers. M. Irshad [1] state that systematic literature review is a means of evaluating and interpreting all available research relevant to a research question, topic area or phenomenon of interest. The systematic reviews objective is present a fair evaluation of a research topic by using a trustworthy, rigorous, and auditable methodology of specify differentiating procedures for IoT environments.

Information Security Frameworks in IoT

The evolution of Internet of things that leads to the need for a proper assurance security framework which deals with diverse levels of safety and against the smart devices can be secured in IoT environments. M. Irshad [1] review on Information Security Frameworks in the Internet of Things. Internet of things has gained extensive attention, the deployment of sensors, actuators are increasing at a rapid pace around the world. There is tremendous scope for more streamlined living through an increase of smart services, but this coincides with an increase in security and privacy concerns. The objective is to evaluate systematic review of information security management frameworks which are related to the Internet of things (IoT). These frameworks are classified according to the area of the framework, the security executives and senior management of any enterprise that plans to start using smart services. Standard criteria have been established to analyze which security framework will be the best fit among these classified security structures in particularly for Internet of Things (IoT). Which is evaluate security framework according to CCS, develop a set of Security Targets (ST), data extraction and data synthesis. This four information security risk frameworks are suggested to information security risk governance in Internet of Things (IoT).

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These days we have a tendency to see a shift in our conception of internet of things a worldwide network of smart objects which might be known as the internet of things (IoT). V. Nagamalla and A. Varanasi [2] explain about security frameworks for Internet of Things that there’s currently a growing realization that this trend can continue as increasing numbers of even easier, a lot of strained devices (sensors, actuators, home appliances, personal medical equipment) get connected to the net. Many of those applications have security requirements; for instance, health information should solely be created on the market to licensed personnel (authentication) and be shielded from modification (data integrity) or revelation (confidentiality) in transit. Association with information security risk governance have determine to maneuver to smart devices ought to outline the advantages and risks and preparation processes to manage security risk. The knowledge security risk policies ought to befit an organization’s IT policies and standards to guard the confidentiality, integrity and handiness of knowledge security. The study observes several the most processes that are required to manage security risks.

Z. M. Ali et Al. [3] the most prominent network threats are the intrusion of information. Government Information and Communications Technology Security Policy should be given a serious emphasis by every government organization. The main goal of this study is to design and develop a framework based on the IoT network to mitigate the threat and to design a threat management model for the computer laboratory. The network framework and threat management model of the IoT are developed to monitor the threats in the network.

Architecture of Internet of Thing

The dynamic environment of the IoT, the involvement of the human in the loop, and the runtime interactions among devices and applications, put additional requirements on the system architectures. The study done by F. Alkhabbas [3] presented that he Emergent Configurations (ECs) concept as a way to engineer IoT systems and propose an architecture for ECs. The more specifically is to achieve user goal on how to connect device and applications from ECs. Besides that, how to determine the application are run and adapted in response to runtime context changes for instance, sudden unavailability of device. The key for addressing these engineering challenges is the system architecture on both design and runtime. The additional requirements are needed since the architecture is hard, if not impossible, to predict and model all user activities in such dynamic environment. 

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