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Internet Of Things And The Role It Plays In Our Lives

The International network or the Internet today has become a vital part of our lives. Back in the 1900’s we could not have possibly even imagined the extent to which the internet would develop. In 2019 about 4.422 billion people or approximately 57.3% of the...

Internet Of Things And How It Interconnects The Worlds

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is turning vehicles into the hub of an entire of connected services that offer users a variety of benefits, including enhanced safety and security, a richer user experience, and a new suite of product. The IoT (Internet of Things)...

Internet Of Things: Potential Threats To The Software

Research Agenda The objective of this papers is to propose a review of at least 20 papers from IEEE, ACM or other authentic Journals that published in 2016 - 2019. Student will can choose one topic which listed in this assignment only. The selection of...

Internet Of Things And Its Advantages

As a person living in the 21 century, being part of the whole technological world and interacting in it as well, I can claim that the advantages of the Internet of Things are really contributing to a far more effortless lifestyle. The average number of...

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