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Adapting to Change: The Evolution of Education in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Education is a way for the general populace to learn. Education can be thought of as the transmission of the qualities and gathered information to the general public. Children—whether conceived among New Guinea tribespeople, the Renaissance Florentines, or the middle classes of Manhattan—are born without...

Class Reflection on the Student Class Participation

The theories included in the study were the Force-filed theory and Expectancy-value theory. Lewin’s force field analysis describes two main forces; driving and restraining forces (Lewin, 1951). Driving forces are those seeking change whilst restraining forces are those seeking to maintain the status quo (Bozak,...

The Models of Class Reflection and Its Role in Education

Introduction An essential quality for a teacher is to be able to reflect on their own practice. This skill is important as it increases and improves the learner’s performance. It is an ability which enables a practitioner to reflect on action in order to encourage...

The Individual Reflection on the Presence in Class

We live in an age where people are constantly focusing on numbers and data, but what is always overlooked is the impact philosophy has in our day to day lives. It impacts us in our decision making every day. It also affects our professional careers...

Analysis of Johns' Model in Enhancing Professional Practice

Professional development is a critical aspect of any career, and reflection is a powerful tool that can help individuals learn from their experiences and improve their practice. Johns' model provides a structured approach to reflection that consists of five distinct phases: description, reflection, influencing factors,...

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