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Byzantine Fault and Consensus Mechanism

So we have seen the types of blockchain but what makes blockchain so successful? The model is no doubt good but nothing in life is fully perfect, isn’t that so? This distributed ledger which is maintained by all, sounds like a good concept but what...

Proposal On Drop Out Prediction

Abstract In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the use of data mining to investigate scientific questions within educational research, an area of inquiry termed educational data mining. Educational Data Mining (also referred to as “EDM”) is defined as the area of scientific...

The Issue Of Safety In Coal Mining

Over the last century the United States has distinguished a large mass of safety regulations. Some careers can be dangerous to the employers and employees so they need to be aware of hazards to prevent an injury or death. Accidents can happen anytime and can...

Cross-Selling Strategy In Data Mining

Introduction We are focusing here on a problem where we are trying to make develop a recommendation system. The most important part to build a recommendation system is to determine what product can pair up with the original product. To determine this problem, we are...

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