Mining Industry and the Importance of Geology

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Gold mining period Au. getting gold can be done in many ways one way is panning also, know as placer mining is done with a pan which has indentation around the side of the pan (photo below)you then scoop water with dirt in it then slowly shake out the dirt then because the gold is header then the dirt and will be left with gold in the bottom which can be done with just one person and only collecting the gold in theriver which is often in a smaller amount but it can be done on a large scale where you will get more gold Another way is getting gold is mining there are different ways to min three of the ways are gold, hard rock mining, byproduct mining. The most common was to gold mine is hard rock mining is used to get gold out of rock and is done with drilling and blasting the rock/rocks to get the gold out this is often done far underground around 1.5 kilometres underground and is how gold is collected from low deposits.

Gold is a very soft metal which can be pressed into a thin item or made into shapes or pulled into thin wire, most metals is affected by water and other elements but gold in one of the few metals making it not rust or tarnish, gold mostly comes from low deposits (vain deposits) removing gold from low deposits in done through hard rock mining (explained above), gold is said to be from out of space dust partial from out of space which end up on earth and sunk to be core because of the weight them combining and becoming gold and because of then gold can’t be created or destroyed.

Geologists have a major part in the gold mining industry, which include locating the gold vain and how to get it out the hard rock, and how to keep it in the original shape to make it more valuable. when retrieving gold from hard rock you need to locate a gold vain then drill into the rock with long drills and put explosive in the drill points and their drill point needs to be in a particular order which the geologist and engineers state what order that is, another thing they do it determine how pure the golds is because gold more often than not doesn’t come out pure and it a long proses to make it pure, so the geologists determine how pure the gold is.

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