Essay Samples on Finances

Non-profit and For-Profit Organizations

Non-profit and for-profit organizations share similarities and also have their differences. For-profit organisations stray far from non-profit organisations in their motives; for-profits are driven to boost revenue where non-profits hold more selfless motives and won’t suffer financial difficulties or loss. This difference flows into their...

Banking Institution and Financial Market

Traditional banks have been the key players in the financial market, building customer base; on trust, loyalty, capability and efficiency. Customers see these banks as the best and only option to transact in the financial market- the back-end system that drives the banking institution, which...

The Credit Card Debt Pressure And Stress

The use of credit cards has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the pattern of use of the consumer. The prudent and correct use of a credit card reduces individual liquidity risk and provides additional resources. However, credit card expenditures unconscious and over-budgetary limits may cause...

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