Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer

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Note by rich we are not talking of those who steal or corrupt individuals , we are referring to genuine business men and women. One question that keeps bothering the minds of people is : why the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer, this is not just true in Nigeria or Africa but all over the world. It is even more alarming when you realize that the rich do not work as hard as the poor and middle class but continue to get richer. The answer to why the rich keep getting rich and the poor continue to remain in their poor state is as simple as the poor keep working for salaries and a constant monthly revenue not that there is anything wrong with that but the problem with working for a salary is that you have to continue to work harder to be able to make money and if you are not there you will make no head way. The major challenge with working for money is that you have limited time to work .

The reason the rich keep getting richer is that they either work to build asset or acquire an asset. When the rich add more asset to their existing asset they do not necessarily have to work harder .Once you acquire the asset you begin to reap the dividend of the asset. But the question on the minds of most people is this , how do they as small and medium scale business create assets that would guarantee wealth , then we turn their minds to a certain fact that has been with us for a while which is Problems .

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The truth is the rich remain rich because of their ability to solve problems, they find a problem and then create a product to solve that problem and that product then becomes an asset for them, it is that simple. The thing with problem is that once you solve one another one pops up and the cycle continues .

The key to wealth is realizing that the process of solving a problem always leads to riches. The key to asset creation for small and medium scale businesses is to realize that problems will not go away and your ability to help solve problems happens to be a key to asset creation.

It is important to say that once you are able to solve your problem and that of others then you are on the path to wealth, because people will most likely pay money to help solve their problems .Take for example you pay money to the Doctor to make sure you are healthy, people are willing to pay money to the plumber to help them fix their plumbing needs. You go to the supermarket to buy groceries so as to satisfy your hunger so it is only logical that the man can solve the problem will get paid .

In reality there are millions of problems to solve and also millions of ways to solve such problems , the more problems you learn how to solve the more likely you are to get wealthy. It is also important to say that one cannot expect to get paid until you are willing to solve a problem nobody will pay if you are not willing to solve any problem. The true business man or woman is that person who recognizes a problem and creates a product or service that has value to help solve the problem and in turn can demand for payment .

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