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Uncertainty with Study Opportunities for Foreign Students after Brexit

The UK is known for their highly ranked universities that attract yearly thousands of foreign students to enrol into them. Hence the rising fear after the 2016 referendum in the UK, regarding study possibilities turned nerve wrecking and confusing. Politicians seem busy discussing their trade...

Theresa May Pork Barrel Politics Accusations

Leading up to the vote on Brexit in the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister is being accused by some media outlets of trying to get Labour MP’s to ‘sell their vote’. Several politicians and journalists have used the term ‘pork barrel politics’ to criticise May’s...

The Connection Between Brexit and Trump's Victory on U.S. Elections

Brexit. A word that rolls of the tongue with ease is in fact a heavy, oft-sour topic. The political turmoil caused by a vote passed in 2016 is not going away anytime soon. The media framing of Brexit is polarizing. Citizen discord permeates through social...

Long-Term Consequences Of Uk'S Withdrawal From The Eu

Without precedent for ages, there is a genuine prospect of a part state leaving the European Association. In England, the Traditionalist government, driven by Head administrator David Cameron, is focused on holding an in-out submission before the finish of 2017. This will be gone before...

Trade Relations Between the UK and the EU After Brexit

Britain’s idea to ultimately terminate membership within the European Union after a lengthy period of debate has officially been dubbed ‘Brexit’ by headlines meaning “Britain’s exit”. On Friday, March twenty-ninth, Britain publicly announced their choice and proposed a two-year transition to facilitate their plans. This...

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Brexit for the UK

Evaluation of the opportunities and risks that Britain’s decision to leave the EU has presented to small and medium sized businesses that operate in the UK. Since Britain’s decision to leave the EU, there have been various changes that have already taken place and had...

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