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IBM Fundamental Analysis of the Stock and Bonds

As of 2017, IBM was trading lower than its peer companies owing to its declining year-over-year revenue for twenty-one quarters. Additionally, the company was not included in Wall Street’s estimates on revenues for the quarter (Waldron, 2017). However, not all was lost for IBM as...

Being Global with Sony Corporations

Sony Corporations is an International Company based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony states their purpose is to “Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.” (Purpose para. 1). Their values include; Dreams and Curiosity, Diversity, Integrity and Sincerity, and Sustainability. I chose...

The Key Elements of Success of Tesla Motors

Introduction In this age of development and globalization, organisations require proper analysis and formulation of abilities so that they could provide the employees with framework and strategies to improve the growth and development of the organisation (Lyyra and Koskinen 2016, p. 61). Through the implementation...

Tesla Motors: The Next Big Thing

Abstract As time advances, the need for technology will still be present. It is something that is necessary to live a comfortable life in the United States, whether it pertains medicine, entertainment, or in this case, the automotive industry. Without any advancement in the automotive...

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