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Dynamics of Landscape Transformation During Coal Mining

In some cases, between the first stage and the subsequent development of mining operations, some time delay may occur due to organizational, economic, and other costs. During this time, the transformed landscape can catch time and grow vegetation, until the appearance of thickets of woody...

Coal Mining and Coal Burning as the Main Sources of Pollution

From buildings to roadways, concrete can be found in many aspects of life. While most view concrete as what is used in sidewalks and mortars, what they don’t see is how it can save a community. In my community, coal mining is not only the...

The Cleanliness of Coal Mining Industry

American Author Jeff Goodell, in his book Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future, censure electricity as clean coal energy(make coal mining look pretty even though workers lives are at risk everyday plus it and it dangerous to our society) because of its...

Environmental Issues by Coal Mining in Jharia Coal Field

Introduction Jharia coal-field holds unequivocal significance in the Indian setting as it is the main wellspring of prime coking coal in the nation. Aimless mining over about a century has prompted natural changes to an enormous degree, for example, corruption in nature of air, water,...

Ore Deposits In La Escondida Mine, Chile

Introduction La Escondida mine is the world’s largest copper mine and is located in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile approximately 160km from Antofagasta (Mining Technology, 2018). BHP Billiton is in control of the operation and owns the majority of the mine (57. 5%) with...

The Issue Of Safety In Coal Mining

Over the last century the United States has distinguished a large mass of safety regulations. Some careers can be dangerous to the employers and employees so they need to be aware of hazards to prevent an injury or death. Accidents can happen anytime and can...

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