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Why Agriculture Is Important Field

Imagine not being able to eat your favorite food, or not being able to go to your favorite restaurant, or not being able to have Thanksgiving or Christmas feast with your family or being able to go trick or treating. The question that connects this...

The Pride of Cows and Their Milking Process

Which part of the cow’s milk we drink doesn’t come from a cow? Could it be the blotting paper, the sodium hydroxide, the borax, the vegetable fat, or all of the above? On an average middle class household, 9 out of 10 houses consume milk...

Prediction of Lameness in Cows in the Cattle Farming

Introduction A significant problem the cattle farming is trying to solve, is the identification of lameness in cattle. The aim of the research is to present a unique computational analysis for lameness prediction based on machine learning and deep learning methods. Lameness is one of...

Why Factory Farming Should Be Banned

Did you know. “ninety-nine percent of the U.S farm animals never get to express natural behaviour” (according to Factory farming is a cruel thing, and affects a lot of things that we might not think about. We should care about this because we should...

Factory Farming: Immoral Treatment of Animals

Oh, how farming has changed over the years. Many peoples’ first thoughts on farming correlates with a home owned farm, a family working together on that farm, animals raised in a pasture, and doing things the old school way. However, nowadays, this is not exactly...

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