Why Factory Farming Should Be Banned

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Did you know. “ninety-nine percent of the U.S farm animals never get to express natural behaviour” (according to onegreenplanet.org.) Factory farming is a cruel thing, and affects a lot of things that we might not think about. We should care about this because we should know what is happening when this process goes on, and in and where our food comes from. Factory farming is bad for our environment to there better ways to get our food. things like there are risk of getting ourselves seriously sick, there is horrible mistreatment of animals, and overall it is very bad for our environment.

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Factory farming believe it or not could get us extremely sick. Many diseases could be spread, such as E.coli, and salmonella. Which can occur when there is poor hygiene from the animals such as their waste, this bacteria can get into our food and could cause people's deaths. According to farmsanctuary.org “76 million Americans become ill from foodborne illness, and thousands die.” Although that is devastating many more things like the saturated fat in these products of food can cause problems. we get enough saturated fat as in with the animal, however, we get even more in “unnatural feed used to promote growth in animals”. This all links to health problems like obesity and heart problems, which is a major thing in the U.S. With that, antibiotics and growth hormones Which not only affects the animals it affects us even more. Not only can it lead to different types of cancers but also the overuse of antibiotics can soon become into bacteria that can eventually get to us and cause many people’s deaths. “Over two million Americans suffer from antibiotics-resistant infection every year, 23,000 people die.”

Animal cruelty is the one thing people think of however it really is a big promblem. The animals are really in horrible conditions they are kept in tiny filthy paces squeezed all together, kept in cages. All this stresses the animal, they are also just brutally slaughtered. No human would like to go through this, animals feel the same pain as we do. (According to debatewise)“they cannot behave in natural ways: chickens cannot spread their wings or peck the ground, pigs cannot root or nest. That’s just normal unpleasantness.” These animals don’t even have the chance to live a long life, some don’t see the light of day, they don’t get to live a life at all. Some animals are also just forced to produce more than they can. Which leads to deformation and eventually their death. Animals are treated as just a trade for money.

Animal farming gets our environment worse. Things like the animals unsanitary spaces could have things like manure and contaminate our water, which would be horrible to happen. Aslibrary guides.law.pace.edu states “waste is usually stored in large open air lagoons Which essentially lakes full of animal waste, these lagoons can leave and spill spill over to water killing fish populations.” Something bigger would be that land is cleared just for the space for live stock. Killing our forest and trees to torture animals. Lastly, air pollution can also cause a problem. (library guides.law.pace.edu states ) factory farms emit noxious air pollutants such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. These emissions negatively impact human health, animal health and the environment as a whole.

Factory farming has many things wrong. It affects us and many other things, it is cruel to animals and even affects our environment. And within that it is not worth doing. We should ban it and find a solution to help us more instead of making us sick.

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