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Indonesia – Philippines: A Comparative Advantage

Indonesia is an 1.905.000 km2 archipelagic country that has many natural resources, and to process their natural resources in order to fulfill it’s need, Indonesia need more advanced technology which will cost too much for processing their natural resources. Meanwhile, there is Philippines, who has...

Comparative Advantages Theory In China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation

Introduction Globalization has created the international interdependence where countries are intertwined especially in economic activity. Country could not stand alone to fulfil all its needs just like the basic understanding of humans are living social beings we are interdependence with one another. The same understanding...

Comparative Advantage In Electronic Equipment And Copper Ore

Comparative advantage is the term that used to explain the ability of one nation or country to produces either it is goods or service using the cheaper opportunity cost compare with the others competitor, in this case, is other nation or country. In order to...

The Effects of the Cost on the Opportunity and Probability of Purchase

The article discusses whether demographics can help identify consumers who are acceleration-prone in their purchase. Because of promotion, some consumers accelerate a purchase. Identifying such consumers is important for store and brand managers. Purchase acceleration means both the decrease of a household’s interpurchase times or...

The Measuring of the Strain and Opportunity Theory

Introduction Numerous individuals have addressed or attempted to comprehend why individuals carry out crime. This essay will investigate on why this is done and how the opportunity theory and strain theory has influenced my community and I. According to the book written by Kendall, Sociology...

The Cost Allocation and Assignment at the Job Market

Cost allocation is the appointing of an expense to a few cost articles, for example, items or offices. The cost portion is required on the grounds that the expense isn't legitimately detectable to a particular article. Since the expense isn't straightforwardly detectable, the subsequent designation...

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