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Overview Of The Earliest Work On New Keynesian Phillips Curve

John M Roberts is a doctorate from Stanford University and currently an adviser at the Federal Reserve. He published the earliest article on New Keynesian Phillips Curve in the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking in the year 1995. He is one of the New...

The Keynesian and Neoclassical Paradigms of South Africa Rising Unemployment

South Africa is considered to be the ‘land of promises’ in the African region being rich with natural resources and human capital, yet it has failed to reach its economic prosperity at times even stability. South Africa’s history of wars and corruption from different government...

Managerial Economics in the Globalized Environment

The United States governments spending habits has also been an intriguing question that no one man or body has been able to find a solution. Many would think that their overall goal is for the country to get out of debt, but the actions of...

Joan Robinson: The Prominent Woman in the History of Economics

One of the most influential women in economic history is Joan Robinson. She studied and promoted Keynesian theory throughout her extraordinary career and published multiple famous works that supported her innovative ideas on the topics in her field of economics. She is remembered today as...

Neo-Classical vs. Post-Keynesian Concept of Prices

Classical economists anticipate so manufacturing expenses are the nearly vast issue within the object cost. Neoclassical economists agree with up to expectation the buyer's point of view about the fee about manufacture is the pilot on its cost. They think about financial balance the distinction...

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