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Universal Basic Income for all United States Citizens

Introduction The concept of universal basic income(UBI) has been in discussion for decades and resurfaced as a preeminent leading solution in releasing the financial burdens and serves as an incremental anti-poverty intervention for United States citizens. Historical figures such as Thomas Paine (founding father of...

Universal Basic Income: A Modern Society’s Dream Come True

Imagine receiving a thousand dollars in your bank account every month, for the rest of your life, regardless of your status or income, no questions asked, no work or payback required. - Impractical you say? Andrew Yang, a 2020’s presidential candidate is running for president...

The Critical Evaluation of the Universal Basic Income

In a world where income equalities are growing larger, technological advances are threatening jobs, poverty levels are increasing, job security is less certain and the wealthy are getting wealthier there is a large calling for an alternative, effective re-distribution system. In today’s economic and political...

Tax Measure Analysis: The Increase In The Income Level

The proposed tax measure I will discuss is the increase in the income level at which the higher rate (40%) of income tax is charged. In the 2018 budget the band for the higher rate of tax was increased by €750 to €34,550. It is...

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