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Equity as the Quality of Being Fair and Impartial

Many people think these two words are the same, and others refuse to agree with that type of logic, but the real thing that defines both words are how people act with them. The definition of equity is the quality of being fair and impartial...

Difficulties In Accessing Equity Finance By Businesses In Wales

Abstract Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is important for the growth of the firm and regional economic development in Wales. However, there currently exists an equity gap in Wales. A possible explanation for an equity gap may be that Welsh businesses...

Refining the Understanding of Conscience Concept of Equity

The concept of equity is based on conscience and unconscionability which is shown to be the collective through the law on proprietary estoppel, and constitution of trusts. The idea of conscience is in majority of cases dogged by imprecision, uncertainty and the absence of any...

Development of Children from Marginalized Groups in Canada

Difference in the members of the groups, defined according to the social, economical, demographical or geographical status, no unfair, avoidable and remediable differences present in these groups, this is called equity (WHO 2007). Value of equity in public health, only possible by knowing social justice...

The Equity of Territorial Jurisdiction Laws

Jurisdiction can be simply be defined as the courts power to determine a case. It is so fundamental that it is a condition precedent to be fulfilled before any action can be brought before a court. In the decided case of shelim v. Gobang it...

Creating and Implementing an Equity Strategy

“Sports equality is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure that it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society.” (Active Lancashire, 2018). Equity in sport...

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