Why Are Zoos Bad For Animals

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There are many opinions about zoos. Some think they are good and others think they are horrible investments. Zoos are good because they provide protection against the species that are going extinct. They are also good because the provide an educational resource. The last reason they are good is because they can become an economic resource for a growing community. They are bad because they can cause a change in animal behavior because of the captivity and some zoos can struggle financially which would cause the zoo not to be able to take care of the animals well. Animals in captivity can develop severe health problems.

Why are zoos bad for animals? Zoos have some bad factors as well that many people may not know about. Capturing an animal can possibly change its behavior. For example, elephants are migratory animals. Restricting this can make them more aggressive. They become irritable and very dangerous. You don’t see or notice this all the time when your visiting the zoo. Some zoos are also struggling financially. Struggling financially can cause improper care to the animals. They could be fed less and or not washed up properly and not groomed properly which could potentially kill the animal or cause it develop severe health problems. The lives of animals could also become secondary to the lives of people. Zoos are recreational and so people who visit the zoo may not respect the borders or boundaries put up to protect them from potentially dangerous animals. For example, in 1996 a wildlife biologist was studying wolves when she tripped which triggered the wolves predator instincts and she was attacked and almost killed. These are just a couple reasons why zoos are not a good factor to have in humanity.

Zoos also provide animals with safer places to live, which protects them from going extinct. This is a reason why zoos are good. They not only help us out but they also help animals that may or may not live long. Zoos also provide educational resources. Zoos play a critical part in a young child’s learning experience. Children and families and local schools have educational trips to the zoo thousands of times a year. Schools use these trips to educate young children about the animals that are there and their habitats. The children learn about animals they probably have never seen before and learn how they eat, what they eat, where they sleep and how they adapt to the area around them. Also, zoos can also become an economic resource for a growing community. Zoos do more than just provide places for animals to reside, but they also provide jobs and tourist opportunity. Zoos have a lot of good factors to them. Economically and educationally.

In conclusion, zoos have both lots of good and bad factors that some us know and some of us don’t. We all can take either side of the argument. Zoos are not good for humanity and neither are they bad. They contribute lots of beneficial things to society, but what are we contributing to these animals that we have but in cages and between walls.  

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