Why Agriculture Is Important Field

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Imagine not being able to eat your favorite food, or not being able to go to your favorite restaurant, or not being able to have Thanksgiving or Christmas feast with your family or being able to go trick or treating. The question that connects this all is, imagine if there wasn’t agriculture? Agriculture is farming and the science that revolves around it. Crops and plants would not be here without the components of suitable soil, and nutrients that plants thrive on. All these variables connected to biology, the science that connects living organisms together. An important part of agriculture is domestication. Domestication is when a wild animal or plant becomes used, or produced for human purposes, such as to eat, for companionship, or for dairy and wheat products. For example, cows can be domesticated for the purpose of meat and milk, and can be more common in places that need more milk or beef. Chickens can be domesticated for the use of eggs as well as meat. The population of these animals and plants can rise or drop in locations depending on the amount of people that consume the product. Agriculture has had a lot of growth since 9500 B.C., when crops were first discovered. Agriculture revolved from hard hand labor, such as when horses were being used as plows, to innovative technology, such as the first plow being invented by John Deere in 1837. In addition, land used for crops have expanded and new technology and farming communities such as FFA, were invented in 1928.

Why agriculture is important? As we know agriculture has an important part in our lives, because we can not live without food as it is one of the main sources for human survival. Agriculture and domestication have had a huge impact on society over time. Domestication has allowed more plants and animals to be available as the population is growing. Without domestication we would have very little meat and plant options. Domestication has allowed people to eat more, and for food to become more available and with less transportation needed. Before agriculture was developed, humans were hunters and gathers. The term hunter and gatherers means that they would have to gather there own plants and resources , as well as hunt their own food. All of this was before the concept of farming was invented. To continue, agriculture began in the Zagros mountains. This location is between Iran and Iraq. The people living in the Zagros mountains started by gathering and eventually breeding animals such as oxen and goats, and also planting different types of plants. Scientist believe that the people who started farming were into trading a variety of tricks and farming tools. Technology has impacted agriculture a lot. With technology , farmers can grow and produce crops faster. Also less hand labor is needed as more work is being done by machines. As the world is changing another important source to keep is sustainable farming. Sustainable farming is to be able to farm and maintain certain methods that are important for our animals, plants and environment to help themselves grow. Without understanding nature and all aspects of it, we would not know what is good and bad for the environment.

Overall, I think that a lot of benefits of agriculture outweigh the negatives of agriculture. The positive benefits are that we get a lot more food, and sustainable farming. It also gives people a variety of jobs, and a variety of eating choices around the world. Although there are positives, negatives include harmful pesticides that are sprayed on the plants that are used for human consumption, and the way humans can react to those chemicals. Overall, the benefits of agriculture with varieties of food and new technology outweigh the negatives. I think the future of agriculture will continue with more plants, and more technology being used to produce plants. I think that less jobs will be needed because of more technology and new innovations being made. Although there are a lot of positive changes I think that harmful pesticides will still be produced, and we as a society will have to try a way to prove that we don’t need them and that they are harmful. Moreover, I think agriculture is a growing industry that is becoming more important as more of our population grows!  

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