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The Impact of Technology on Agriculture: A Transformative Force

Introduction The world of agriculture has seen a significant transformation in recent decades, largely due to advancements in technology. From the way farmers plant and nurture crops to the methods used to harvest and distribute products, technology has drastically altered the agricultural landscape. This essay...

Agriculture as the Main Activator of Growth in Developing Countries

Agriculture is studied to be viable as one of the preponderance remarkable profit-making activities. It necessitate the manufacturing of plants, livestock, fiber, fuel and more by making use of the fundamental supplies in particular; water and land. The locution agriculture is wider than it is...

Agriculture in the United States and the Role It Plays in the Country

Agriculture or farming is a major part of the lives of people and animals around the world everyday. From the clothes we put on when we get up in the morning, to the food we eat and drink throughout our day, to the bed we...

Why Agriculture Is Important Field

Imagine not being able to eat your favorite food, or not being able to go to your favorite restaurant, or not being able to have Thanksgiving or Christmas feast with your family or being able to go trick or treating. The question that connects this...

Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence For Humanity

Artificial intelligence is the ability of the machine to simulate the human mind and the way it works, such as its ability to think, discover and benefit from past experiences. Artificial intelligence has become very frequent in recent times, because of its great role in...

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