Agriculture as the Main Activator of Growth in Developing Countries

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Agriculture is studied to be viable as one of the preponderance remarkable profit-making activities. It necessitate the manufacturing of plants, livestock, fiber, fuel and more by making use of the fundamental supplies in particular; water and land. The locution agriculture is wider than it is frequently foresee as to be. It encompasses forestry, fishery, livestock and little considerable crop cultivation.

Agriculture is deemed important to our society and to me, because it is an agency of obtaining consciousness and expertise. Gaining knowledge about agriculture is more than just learning from books. It is also a significant aspect of our daily lives for it provides our basic needs which are necessary and needed in our everyday life. Think of it, our planet to where we live (earth) is continuously altering so it is essential to educate and conduct right set of circumstances to acquire basic agricultural aptitudes and awareness, employment training and retraining, and competent progression and advancement.

Agriculture is considered essential for it plays a pivotal role in the growth of any state. The primary sector of an economy encompasses agricultural activities and bestowed a notable quantity to the Gross Domestic PRODUCT (GDP). Agriculture dispenses raw materials to many industries from the backbone of the nation. Most importantly, it assists a state to make effort by supplying food and alternative agricultural products. India, for instance, which is predominantly an agrarian country, has vastness of working inhabitants engaged in agricultural activities.

Agriculture generates suitable job opportunities for its citizens. Agriculture is notorious as the backbone or foundation of the flourishing countries. It renders between 30 to 60 percent of the entire workers. Apparently, this are enormous quantity of humankind necessitated in agricultural industry if contrast to any alternative sectors in growing nation. Alternatively stated, agricultural sector is the foremost source of employment in few developing countries. This is because the possessor of the farm usually found that it is indispensable to appoint supplementary hands for the purpose to cultivate the lands fortunate and to look after the live stock.

Additionally, agriculture also safeguards economic growth of growing countries. Agriculture is an underlying source of income for growing state that transpires on this globe. Apart from the fact that it sustains food for our daily life, to a great extent all industries in a state reckon on agriculture both directly and indirectly.

Finally yet importantly, agriculture is essential to society and to me as a human being for it forms as an incentive for food security. It assists human beings to grow the utmost ideal food crops and increase the equitable animals in line to environmental factors. Being allowed to grow the proper crops and keep the proper live stock ensures that human beings are free to eat healthy diets and form strong immune systems to fight against illnesses and contamination. Agricultural activities help human beings to produce a job opportunity, which after a period of time assists in creating a well built and sustainable national economy. Agriculture also helps humans to know the right use of land so as to keep away disasters like shortage of foods.   

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