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Different Factors Affecting Persuasion Success

This essay will examine different factors affecting persuasion success as a means to determine why persuasion attempts are often unsuccessful. The first factor examined will be the invocation of fear used in health marketing in an attempt to increase compliance and persuasion success. After this,...

Moral Foundation for Liberal Egalitarian Politics

Left-libertarianism is a promising englobement of the values that define liberal egalitarian politics. In this essay I will argue that left-libertarianism does in fact provide a compelling moral foundation for liberal egalitarian politics. Furthermore, throughout the essay I will bring in discussion certain elements that...

Concerning Several Career Management Theories

The chosen area of Marketing Management has a great scope in the current evolving business environment. There has been a great change in the fields of technology and communication. With extensive globalization and technological evolution, the way companies are approaching the consumers with their products...

The Contribution of Theory of Rasa to the Art Field

Introduction The Theory of Rasa comes from an ancient Sanskrit text Natyashastra. The author of this text is unknown, but it is attributed to Bharat Muni, an ancient Indian saint. The name ‘Natyashastra’ can be broken into two words, ‘Natya’ which means ‘Act’ and ‘Shastra’...

A Personal Theory of Aesthetic Horror

A fear or paranoia of pain, vulnerability and death, the feeling that someone is watching you, the feeling that your life is in jeopardy. Aesthetic horror is the same feeling as horror but through what we see. It is similar to horror because it is...

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