Ecological Theory: Defining Levels and Their Variables

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The ecological paradigms is divided into five subsystems. These subsystems include macrosystem, microsystem, chronosystem, exosystem, and mesosystem. Microsystem deals with the direct interaction that the test subject may have with their environment. Mesosystem consists ofa web of microsystems. Macrosystem deals with the values, religious beliefs, and customs. Exosystem deals with the indirect effects the test subject may undergo from it surroundings. Chronosystem deals with change over time in the test subject’s life.

The Cho et. al. article speaks on four different levels and they are interpersonal, individual, societal, and cultural. When analyzing a test subject from the individual level dealing with stalking, it was deteremined that gender and age were two variables that put one at risk to be stalked. Verbal threats, Emotional threats, psychological threats, and violence are among the variables analyzed when it comes to interpersonal level. Gender and sexuality is among the variables analyzed in the societal level. Gender-Role socialization was the variable examined in the cultural level when dealing with stalking. Identify one of the social work practice recommendations the authors highlighted.

The ecological paradigm deals with five subsystems of development. In the Cho. Et. al. article the authors state that “Preventative efforts need to be made at each of the life developmental stages” (Cho, Kong, and Logan 2012)The Cho. Et. al. article believes that if a change can be made in the developmental stages, stalking could be decreased. With that statement, the article aligns with ecological paradigm greatly. How ecological theory would conceptualize your topic

The title of my capstone project is “What Induces the diagnosis of PTSD in Veterans?”. In the ecological theory, there is a subsystem called microsystem. Microsystem deals with the test subject’s direct interaction with their environment. War stressors are among things believed to cause PTSD and they could be considered apart of the microsystem. Ecological theory aligns with my capstone project quite well. Identify one potential factor or variable for each of the four levels of ecological theory as it applies to your topic. Marital Distress is considered as a variable for the interpersonal level(King, King, Fairbank, Keane, Adams, and Gary 1998). Gender can be seen as a variable for the societal level of ecological theory (Friedman 2005). Personality could be seen as a variable for the individual level of ecological theory (Casella and Motta 1990). Normalization of Stress can be seen as a variable when dealing with the ecological paradigm (Ruetz, Litz, and Schlenger 2000).

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