Essay Samples on Air Pollution

Compliance Of Emission Standards

Various air quality management instruments have been developed over the years and such instruments include the emission standards. Variety of methods were implemented to ensure the compliance of these emission standards. These methods include: Carbon dioxide vehicle emissions tax Declaration of priority areas Atmospheric emission…

Implementation Of Air Policies

The air value in Bangladesh has been on its last legs over the years at an alarming rate. It worsens extensively during its winter season. It’s so much worse that five among the top 10 cause of death in Bangladesh is correlated to air contamination,…

Reducing Fossil Fuels

California is known to be one of the worst states, in terms of air quality, within the whole United States. The largest contributor to this terrible air quality has been discovered to be the burning of fossil fuels in all sorts of vehicles(Union of Concerned…

The Exposure To Particulate Matter (PM) And Human Health

Prolonged exposure to particulate matter (PM) is associated with adverse impacts on human health leading to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. Rapid economic growth accompanied with a spur in industrialization, urbanization and energy consumption has led to increased emissions of PM which has put the health…

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