The Impact of Electric Cars on the Environment

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Modern-day society presents several problems, many of which revolve around the damage being done to our environment. Environmental pollution continues as the number one concern. Over the past year, scientists have been trying to develop a way to improve the biggest contributor of pollution to the air, the automobile. Around the world, automobiles continue to serve millions of people every day, while producing chemicals that cause great harm to the environment and those that inhabit it. At the peak of the 21st century, the electric car was no longer a crazy idea but a reality. The electric car presented a solution to the great harm the current vehicles were producing. High emissions, fuel consumption, and the greenhouse effect are just the tip of the iceberg of the negative effects that gas cars have on the environment versus the eco-friendly designed electric car.

Our environment continues to be severely impacted as air pollution continues to rise, greenhouse gases are becoming more toxic, and fuel consumption is reaching record highs. Over the past decade, scientists have been trying to find a link to the pitfall of our environment. Automobiles have proven to be that link between humans and the harm done to our environment, as they continue to serve millions of people daily throughout the world. At the start of the 21st century, a solution that was once an idea was presented to the public. This solution came with very low to no emissions, a cleaner energy system, and less toxic greenhouse gases. The electric car was presented as a lifeline to our environment and the future of our planet.

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The question that arises is what exactly an electric car is and how it is better for our environment. An electric car is a form of automobile, but this model is powered by an electric motor rather than a fuel consumption motor. The electric car relies entirely on rechargeable batteries to power the entire car. This is the first green perk the electric car provides to the environment. The electric car is often referred to as a green car because of its zero emissions being run when compared to a gas car. The term emission is defined as the discharge or release of a substance, in this situation we are referring to the gas the car releases while the motor is being ran. Gas-operated cars can emit almost nine times more co2 per mile than an electric car. If you put that statistic into perspective, you can see the amount of harm that one vehicle produces to cars and the environment. The world's current population is roughly 7 billion people were over 80% use an automobile or a form of gas transportation daily. The use of an electric car will decrease emissions significantly which provides the population with a cleaner environment and over time decrease the harm that high co2 emissions have caused.

Electric cars don’t have typical motors like gas cars do. They are engineered and designed to run entirely off lithium batteries. These batteries, which you can also find in smaller versions on your tablet or gaming console, were created with a long lifespan and to be eco-friendly throughout their use and even once they are disposed of. This is the second green perk that electrical cars have for the environment. Instead of going to a gas station and using fuel that was produced for your consumption, you can easily plug your car into a docking station in your home or at a local one while you shop. The average car consumes a gallon of gas for every 25 miles traveled. Again, if you put that into perspective with the number of cars used daily by millions of Americans you can visualize how much fuel is consumed daily. This will drastically change as you will no longer need fuel to run your vehicle, instead, you will be using eco-friendly electricity to power your car. In relation to the environment with fuel consumption, oil and fuel are produced in a very harmful way. It is a collateral effect of the harm the environment gets from the creation to the consumption of fuel. The introduction of electric cars is the step to a cleaner energy system.

The last segment on the positive impact that electric cars have on the environment is the role that automobiles play regarding the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is basically what allows planet earth to be a comfortable place to live. The high levels of carbon dioxide which are trapped within the earth’s atmosphere are causing temperatures to rise. This has a direct correlation between the burning of fossil fuels and the consumption of that fuel. As stated above, electric cars do not emit carbon dioxide into the environment, they are fueled by eco friendly energy, and do not require the burning of fossil fuels to transport. The imbalance that has been caused by humans on the greenhouse will level out over time with the introduction of electric cars, allowing safer temperatures to remain consistent. Another step is taken towards the fight of ending global warming, as our environment was slowly being destroyed which would lead to the health of the population being compromised.

As we conclude on the impact that electric cars have on the environment, we see how positive this lifeline has been for the world. It is no secret that automobiles have been hurting and slowly destroying the world we inhabit with high co2 emissions, heavy fuel consumptions, and record high temperatures around the world. Scientist and engineers have been able to introduce electric cars with a great purpose to save what is left of our environment. Through low to non- emissions, a cleaner energy and fuel consumption, and a positive greenhouse effect, electric cars have proven in a short period of time that the future of our environment still has life along with the health of those that inhabit it.

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