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The Role of Sustainable Development in the Resource Management

What is a resource management and what is the role of the sustainable development? In this text we are going to take into consideration how we started using the resources and how we end it up by using it in a wrong way. From the...

Problems in Balancing Corporate Aims and Workers Dreams in Human Resource Management

Employee policy does not stop with taking records of techniques and practices. This was stated in the works by Brown, et al. (2019) as they reviewed literatures in evaluating the HRM organisation of talents in T&H industry. They revealed that hiring and staffing can traverse...

An Insight In To The Northeast Australia LME

Features of the Ecosystem Introduction The Northeast Australia Marine Ecosystem is a Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) situated north east of the Australian marine border. It specifically lies off the coast of the State of Queensland. The ecosystem largely extends from Papua New Guinea in the...

The Role Of Business Intelligence In Human Resource Management

This paper mainly describes about how NFL Organization is using oracle business intelligence system and resolving issues that faced by HR’s and payroll teams to do their everyday transactions like Tracking Recruiting and terminations Tracking employee absences Tracking employee payments Tracking employee tasks and goals...

Integration Of Environment & Human Resource Management

Introduction The concern of Environmental issues and sustained development have increased globally. The global warming and standardized environmental management visa a vis practices has forced the need of “Green HRM”. Due to these concerns organisations across the world working towards integration of Environment and Human...

The Significance Of Renewable Energy As The Source Of Power For The Future

It is a known fact that at the present moment renewable energy contributes only 11% to our primary energy. If we intend to do something about our planet, to safeguard our future and to create a healthy environment for the generations to come, then we...

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