Essay Samples on Trees

The Solution to Improve Tree Density

In 2015, an ambitious international study, led by Thomas Crowther of Yale University, mapped the tree density of the planet. The results contained a number of surprises, not the least of which was that the number of trees estimated to populate the planet numbered more…

Tree Planting Impact on the Climate Change

Global climate change has been a really big topic for the entire world, since global climate change affects everyone. In my opinion, the most affected by this tragedy are forests and their ecosystem, a lot of people believe the same as I do and are…

The Thoughts Emerging In My Head When Walking Among The Trees

Walking through a forest is a religious experience more profound than one found in a church. I’ve walked in the cathedrals of Sequoia in the Land Of The Giants, the oldest and tallest living organism on Earth, humbled in their majesty and offered selfless sacrifices…

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