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Pharmaceutical Plants: Creating 'New Drugs' as Manufacturing System

We describe 'Pharmaceutical Plants' as those cultured species that are cast-off for the abstraction or grounding of beneficial substances such as active pharmaceutical constituents, excipients used in pharmaceutical inventions, inoculations and antibodies, as well as other satisfying proteins. Based on the type of pharmaceutical invention,...

Literature Review About How Plants Respond to Touch Stimuli

Similar to all other organisms' plants will have the ability to detect and respond to different kinds of stimuli present within their environment, as plants are rooted within the soil its main response to this will be too then change the way in which it...

The Sacred Mystery of Plants in Eastern Religion Cultures

Sacred plants are specific plants those are usually devoted to gods and goddess. The human relation with sacred plant stands basically on religion which is considered with Hindu, Buddhist and Jain culture. During the ancient period, the worship of sacred plants is most of the...

Plant Viruses as Serious Issue for the Agriculture Industry

Protecting plants from viral pathogens is a major challenge faced by the agricultural industry. Pathogenic infections can potentially threaten global food security by severely affecting crop yields. In order to combat prevalent plant diseases, versatile genome editing technologies such as CRISPRCas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short...

The Power of Plants: Exploring the Potential of Plant Extracts

Plant extracts are products derived from plants through an extraction and separation process, aimed at obtaining specific components without altering the original plant's composition. They can be classified into different types based on the extraction process and quality. Some common categories include simple extracts, quantitative...

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