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Success Of Grass Danthonia Spicata Progeny From Different Flowers

Introduction Darwin (1877) first contrasted vigor of progeny from CH and CL flowers with others scientists have subsequently published accounts of this phenomenon. Since CH flowers are self-compatible, it is not impossible for a plant with CH flowers to be 100% self-fertilized. Most plant species...

The Rise of Flower Paintings and Preservance of Beauty

In the 17th Century, Holland’s fascination with flowers led to the emergence of flower paintings. This was led by scientific revolutions that had a huge impact on Holland, leading to an intense interest in botany and horticulture. Establishments of botanical gardens in the Netherlands along...

Brosschaert’s Still Life Flowers: Precedents to Tulipmania

In the seventeenth century, the Dutch Republic was a thriving metropolis, with commerce shaping the worldview of these citizens. More specifically, Dutch still life flower paintings reflected a deep interest in exotic nature, not only in commerce, but also with art’s relationship to nature as...

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Flower Work as Her Self-Portrait

The career of Georgia O’Keeffe was diverse and long-lasting, undoubtedly, the subject matter that she will always be most regarded for will be flowers. Her flowers solidified her as one of the most prolific female voices of the American art world. (Georgia O’Keeffe) Floral still...

Concept Of Sibiraea Maxim And Spiraeoideae Agardh

The genus Sibiraea Maxim. belongs to the subfamily Spiraeoideae Agardh. of the family Rosaceae Juss. The subfamily Spiraeoideae is considered to be the most primitive in the family Rosaceae and the origin of other subfamilies is associated with it. All of them are shrubs; flowers...

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