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The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion refers to fashion or fashion business that reflects the latest trends in fashion with a relatively inexpensive price, and a fast turnover of fast goods. It was named fast fashion meaning fast and rapid circulation like fast food. This essay will outline the...

Temptation of Fast Fashion and Consumerism Culture

Many people in the U.S. have gotten used to our consumerist society and endlessly partake in it. We can declare to being constantly bombarded by visual stimuli, bear witness to the long lines for limited-edition collaborations between brands, splurging on clothes in-stores or online, and...

Company Name: Heng Yuan Xiang Hyx

Executive Summary Our company Heng Yuan Xiang (HYX) founded in 1927, is China’s largest textile producer and one of the largest textile companies in the world. With good reputation and brand recognition, HYX is growing globally. In Canada, more and more new Chinese immigrants are...

H&M In Fast Fashion: Continued Success?

Key Points and Challenges H&M has had tremendous success in the fashion industry. One of their key points of success is their ability to replicate its unique business in 61 countries. The business model emphasizes high fashion at prices below their competitors. However, the sustainability...

Research Of The Geography Of My Closet

Throughout this project, I have learned a lot about the geography of my closet and where my clothes are being made. After doing thorough research, I have concluded that the headquarter and manufacturing countries are not located in the same countries. I think that the...

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