Essay Samples on Nature

The Solution to Improve Tree Density

In 2015, an ambitious international study, led by Thomas Crowther of Yale University, mapped the tree density of the planet. The results contained a number of surprises, not the least of which was that the number of trees estimated to populate the planet numbered more…

Waterfowl Hunting as a Tool to Improve Shooting Skill

Waterfowl hunting is a fascinating subject because of the fun with friends, the meat you get, and the experiences you’ll have for the rest of your life. One of the most important aspects of waterfowl hunting is decoys. There are so many different kinds of…

Green Graphic Designers and Sustainability

By ignoring the negative impact of paper manufacturing systems, designers are supporting paper which is the fourth largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, many are unaware that the environmental impacts of graphic design are closely tied to the paper and printing industry. Paper distribution…

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