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Pollution And Water Quality Concerns Of Lake Pichola

Conservation of man-made water bodies is a troublesome undertaking to execute and sustain. With fast changes in the atmosphere, population and pollution, India significant water bodies, both regular and man-made are at severe risk. The significance of water for any reason for existing is evident...

Lake Nona: The Promising Tourist Spot and Attraction

Introduction The Lake Nona means a much productive life style. The Lake Nona has 40% conserved green space. Various different parks can be seen within Lake Nona. A large number of the area considering Lake Nona is formed of numerous societies and localities within South-east...

How EAA and CERP Plan Will Help to Deal with the Okeechobee Lake Crisis

Water is the basis of human life. Considering the human body is made up of 60% water, it is extremely vital to us. Water allows us to live, clean, have fun, and survive. Water creates jobs and a life for many. If something negative happens...

The Magnificent Nature of the Lake Chabot

I visited so many places and parks around the bay area, I found a very specific place with a gorgeous view adds to that it’s a perfect place for hiking, biking and even doing fitness That can save some money from going to gym. it...

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