The Magnificent Nature of the Lake Chabot

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I visited so many places and parks around the bay area, I found a very specific place with a gorgeous view adds to that it’s a perfect place for hiking, biking and even doing fitness That can save some money from going to gym. it has many sorts of fish and native plants.

However, it's a little bit far from my place I go to lake Chabot regional park with my friends once a week. it's a park located in Castro Valley down San Leandro. Although this park has a few disadvantages to talk about, there are many more benefits visiting lake Chabot.

One major advantage of lake Chabot is that it’s perfect for hiking and biking along the 20 miles trails and the funny thing you can select what level of hiking or biking you want. There are easy, medium, and hard trails. Lake Chabot has another positive aspect that some areas around the lake has no cell phone coverage which is good place to take rest as Mark G from yelp. com said:” What I loved most is that your cell phone doesn't work. No cell reception … Experience nature at her finest!”. if you are a pet lover and like taking everywhere you go, well lake Chabot is the right place for you.

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Another significant reason that lake Chabot is famous of and I consider special is the variety of fish we can find there. Lake Chabot is full of trout and catfish. There are also bass, crappie, and other fish. Without forgetting the popular event of this lake spring fishing derby that is organized every year.

One more thing that I found very special and attracted me the most is the fitness place that the lake has, I mean it's amazing doing a workout in the middle of nature with a super fresh and clean air. You can also rent a boat at a reasonable price and enjoy the view from the middle of the lake.

To sum up, having all these features in a regional lake makes me excited about visiting it every day.

However, not everyone agrees that a lake is a perfect place. For instance, Chester claims That his dog fell into the lake died there due to exposure to toxic blue-green algae which the lake is infested with and he complains about the signs (yelp. com). I might agree with the sign but watching your dog while at the lake is definitely something you are responsible for, and we can't really blame the lake for it. Although it's annoying if you try to visit the park late evening because there are no lights and it gets super dark and you literally can see anything I mean what in world a park like lake Chabot has no lights!

In conclusion, Lake Chabot is an awesome and beautiful place to visit with your friends or Family, this lake gives the best fresh air and comfort that makes you forget about the noisy crowded cities. In addition, it's a perfect free fitness place, and people feel the best experience with their friends around the lake. Even though this lake has its own inconvenient, they are very minor compared to its benefits. I hope that after you read this essay you will be excited to visit lake Chabot regardless the issues.

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