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Charging of Electric Vehicles During Motion Using Wind Energy

The main disadvantage of Electric Vehicle is the lack of capability of storing sufficient energy to run the vehicle for a long time. The operation, performance and efficiency of motor driven electric vehicles are much better than engine driven vehicles, at the same time electric...

The Utilization of Permanent Magnet Generators in Wind Turbines

Introduction Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) sometimes also known as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators are believed to be the generators of choice in variable speed wind turbines because they are light weight and have high power density. The design and the assembly of the generator is...

Wind Energy System: Review and Optimization

Abstract This review paper discusses the innovation and solution to different problem faced while producing wind energy, to overcome the use of fossil fuels wind energy system is being implemented. wind energy is one of the most feasible source of energy countries are adopting, wind...

Wind Energy Conversion Systems on the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is made up of seven different islands. Having a population of approximately 2.13 million people. It has been facing in recent years a significant economic development. There is a constant increase in energy demand in these islands due to the increasing population...

Discussion On The Possibility Of Wind Vitality To Supplant Electrical Power Stations

Introduction Wind control is the use of twist current through breeze turbines to give the mechanical ability to turn electric generators. Bend control, as a choice as opposed to expending non-sustainable power sources, is overflowing, limitless, extensively dispersed, clean, makes no ozone exhausting substance surges...

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