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Renewable Energy Development and Economic Growth

The growth of adoption of renewable energies is affected primarily by its many motivations as well as limitations in applications. In rural areas, this adoption is found to be shaped by additional modifiers that are endemic to poverty, such as steep necessity for cost-effectiveness, social...

Gaziantep, The Town That Sun Shines

Would you like to live longer? Would you like your friends and family to live longer? Would you like your planet to live longer? The key to all of that is not far away, it is renewable energy. But what exactly is renewable energy, also...

Green Energy Revolution In Taiwan

Made in Taiwan A domestic clean energy transition is underway and the outlook for the future is overwhelmingly positive. James Edward Peel If humans could wholly exploit the energy absorbed by the earth from the sun’s rays, we would be able to generate equivalent to...

Design And Simulation Of A Pv System

The development of new energy and renewable energy sources is the best option to reduce the impact of conventional energy sources in the environment. Renewable Energy may come in various forms e. g. Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass, et. al [1]. This renewable energy...

To What Extent The Transportation Industry Can Replace Fossil Fuels With Renewable Energy

Over the past few centuries global demand for energy sources have increased dramatically. Mass use of fossil fuels started in the industrial revolution, and because of this, places such as Britain and America gained a massive boost in economy. This was because fossil fuels gave...

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