Fossil Fuels VS Renewable Energy: a Leap Towards Green Engineering

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Table of contents

  1. Development and Modern Use of Green Engineering
  2. Fossil Fuels VS Renewable Energy: a Prevail Towards Green Energy
  3. Conclusion

What if big factories continue using traditional engineering methods? The methods used today produce a lot of pollution, which is why factories are starting to move towards green engineering. Not only do current methods produce a lot of pollution, but they are also not the most cost-efficient. “Green engineering is the plan, business, and use of operations and products that are practical and cheap, and simultaneously reduces production of pollution at the origin, and reduces danger to the environment and human health.” Here is the compariosn of fossil fuels vs renewable energy as this essay delves into green engineering and its its advantages over traditional methods, moreover, it will sustain our environment for the future generations.

Development and Modern Use of Green Engineering

We as a society should understand green engineering and learn more on how to implement it in the work field. Green engineering uses system inspection and incorporates environmental impact evaluation mechanism. It preserves and enhances natural ecosystems while saving human well-being and health. Uses growth thinking in all engineering projects. Makes sure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are essentially safe and friendly as possible. Reduces consumption of natural resources. Attempts to stop waste. Moreover, green engineering develops and uses engineering solutions while being observant of regional geography, cultures, and ambitions. Promptly involves people and shareholders in the improvement of engineering solutions.

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The growth and use of manufacturing procedures that reduce or remove waste flows and the use of hazardous substances is often described as green manufacturing. As public concerns have increased about decaying of the environment and insufficient supplies, governments and corporations have followed the trend toward using green manufacturing approaches. As explained by the sponsors of the Green Manufacturing Expo, renewable engineering is the design of manufactured products that utilizes procedures that are environment-friendly, save energy and raw materials, are cost-effective, and safe for customers, communities, and employees. Green engineering supports the idea that deciding to save the environment and human health can have the largest effect and economical when implemented early, during the development and design phases of a product or process. A 2003 RAND Corporation report gathered that green engineering can, in few cases, remove the generation and use of dangerous substances at little or no additional expense. As a matter of fact, most the manufacturing activities based on green engineering that the researchers observed led to cost reduction. Such procedures include use of supercritical CO2, bio-based processes, purifying water without chlorine, elimination of chlorofluorocarbons, a zero-waste process for production of glyphosate. This approach is also used in my hometown country, the United Arab Emirates, where I interviewed Zayed AlMheiri who was telling me how in their company they are moving toward being greener. AlMheiri stated that their facilities get over engineered when built, meaning the air conditioning systems are installed in quantities more than what is required. This shows how applying green engineering saves money for companies and prevents wasting resources that can harm the environment.

Fossil Fuels VS Renewable Energy: a Prevail Towards Green Energy

Sustainable resources are initially costly to install; however, it’s cheaper to use than fossil fuels. Sources like wind and solar can bring out energy at no cost for the period of the turbine or panel’s life. On the other hand, fossil fuels cost increases because they have to be discovered, produced, and carried to power plants to be utilized. As a matter of fact, after establishment, numerous solar energy designs can produce power at around half of the cost of fossil fuels, and this is predicted to decrease in cost in the future as solar energy becomes more usual. The US offers renewable energy aids, which are financial motivations that lower the cost of using renewable energy sources wishing more manufacturers, and energy users, will make the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The government is successfully covering the costs of installation so changing to the use of alternative energies will be inexpensive in the long term. Renewable energies such as solar and wind power are completely clean sources of energy, unlike fossil fuels which when burnt can release huge concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air causing global warming. Additionally, it is evaluated that in around 200 years fossil fuels will fade away. On the other hand, renewable energy comes from natural, limitless sources, like the wind, water, and sun, and can all be utilized in a way that is safe to the environment. Renewable sources include biomass energy, solar energy, wind power, geothermal power, and hydroelectricity. Contrarily fossil fuels include oil, coal, and natural gas. The main difference between the two is how long they can last. This source argues how there is a misconception of how people argue that green engineering is more expensive when really in the long run you would be saving money. Also, due to the fact that companies find the installation of renewable energies to be too expensive, the US government is now covering the costs of installation to encourage companies to be green.

As stated by Stanford University, the world could save 12.2 trillion dollars on fuel prices and an additional 11 trillion dollars yearly by lowering the health and environmental results of fossil fuel pollution if it achieved a 100% renewable energy system. Renewable energy is becoming more and more cheaper than fossil fuels. Plans to allow reducing costs of renewable power can move markets and help to a green recovery. Governments can benefit from this time to restore need by electrifying their economy with renewable energy. This could be an essential factor in economic improvement as it can provide new electricity foundation with private investments, and aid the continent attain sustainable economic improvement. Governments should carry on with speed to apply regulations that are suitable for basis, putting clean energy funding, including market plans that offer long-term cost clarity and streamlined permitting that allows rapid buildup of the distribution of renewables.


With all of its costs considered can the future engineering turn green? As we are trying to innovate and have a cleaner environment, factories should take into consideration all the benefits of green engineering (or renewable energy) on the environment over fossil fules, and the youth should try to implement it in their current working field. One should not only think about oneself but take into consideration how his or her current action may affect the upcoming generation. Having green engineering is cost-efficient and leads to a sustainable future.

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