My Travelling To Coronado Island In San Diego

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Traveling to Southern California anytime soon? For any traveler looking to see what Southern California has to offer Coronado Island off the coast of downtown San Diego is on top of their list. Coronado is a resort island bringing in lots of tourists with its white, sandy beaches which are perfect for quite relaxation. Not to mention exploring Coronado’s colorful restaurant scene to checking out the various cultural institutions California’s crown jewel has to offer. It is important to advise any potential tourist about Coronado Island’s rich history.

Why I chose this unforgettable location, and the plethora of activities any tourist could enjoy. Coronado Island’s history began in 1885 with the purchase of a Spanish Rancho which spanned Coronado’s North Island, and the Silver Strand Beach. The duo of Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story purchased all this for only $110,000. Their dreams were to create “the grandest hotel on the Pacific coast”, build within a community featuring wide avenues, parklands, beautiful public buildings, and enticing beachside homes. Until the creation of Coronado Bay Bridge in August 2, 1969, with Governor Ronald Reagan providing the dedication address the island was only ferry accessible.

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An assortment of famous and recognizable people have stayed at the Hotel del Coronado throughout its wide history. This trend started with America’s first movie stars in the 1920s, such as Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers, and more. The movie Some Like It Hot, starring Marilyn Monroe, was shot at the Hotel del Coronado in 1958. In more recent years Coronado has attracted Hollywood stars, visitors including Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr., and Jennifer Garner. I didn’t just choose this location for its amazing history, but because of the memorable experience I had at Coronado Island.

Out of all the places I have travelled to, from San Francisco's Muir Woods to Los Angeles’s Queen Mary the island of Coronado must be the most breathtaking location. Getting to the island alone is worth remembering, I had to take a ferry ride there across San Diego’s bay with the view of crystal-clear waters at all turns. Once there having checked into Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa, I stayed in a room with a view of downtown San Diego’s skyline. Soon after I rented a bicycle too bike around Coronado Island’s entire perimeter along the island’s multiple biking trails with beach front sites. I couldn’t forget to make sure to try one of the island’s many ice cream establishments. I ate a Mootime Creamery’s banana split float while looking at all that the water front had to offer. There are many more tourist activities that I didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing while on Coronado Island.

What is there to do on Coronado Island? Tourists can rent segways to see the island’s most beautiful sights aboard these fun machines. Then guests on the island can go to Coronado Ferry Landing from 2-5PM every weekend during the summer to enjoy live music and enjoy the San Diego skyline. For avid sailors wanting to have fun on the water they can rent sailboats, speedboats, water skis, jet skis, paddle boats or kayaks at the Glorietta Bay Marina. If people can go to the Muesum of History and Art to learn about the history of Coronado Island, also take a stroll along historic Orange Avenue.

Above all tourist can enjoy the island’s soft sandy beaches and take in all Coronado Island has to offer. Southern California has a “crown jewel”, Coronado Island off downtown San Diego is a beautiful location with mesmerizing views. A history spanning from 1885 when it was established to now welcoming numerous guests each year. I will never forget the memorable experience I had on the island where there is “summertime bliss”, just over the Coronado Bay Bridge. Tourists can make memories while doing one of all the things Coronado Island has to offer.

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