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The Establishment of the Memorials at the Monuments

Throughout history, there have been countless numbers of unfortunate events that have led to mass deaths and mass mourning. A global way of coping with these tragic events is through the creation of memorials or monuments. Monuments have served as both a way to celebrate...

The Rushmore Four: Presidential Figure on the Mount Rushmore

The figures on Mount Rushmore (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt) are extraordinary people who each had solid dreams, however, did not consider themselves so important that they thought about themselves much better, if any better, than their kindred Americans- - and they all did have...

The Aftermath of the Horrific Events of Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

The history of Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore were two separate occurrences that took place in two different distinct periods in the history of the United States. Crazy Horse part of the Lakota Sioux who was known for his battle skills as well as his...

The Exploration of the Hidden Room In Mount Rushmore

This article was about a hidden room; but not just anywhere, in Mount Rushmore! Gutzon Borglum, an Idaho-born son of a Danish immigrant began carving the faces in 1927, but died before they finished. However, he decided to make a hidden room that was going...

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