Components Of Management In Tourist And Hotel Industry

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Career action plan

This a roadmap that leads an individual from choosing a career, getting a job and advancing in your career to be a successful individual in your field, in hospitality industry you must first start by choosing you occupation for example working in an hospitality industry, doing so you must follow certain steps as follows; self-assessment- this is where one learns to know personal interest, aptitudes, values these helps you in identifying the best career for an individual; secondly a person needs to perform career exploration whereby by knowing which occupation is suitable after doing self-assessment for our case we went with working in hotel industry you can now get to read deeply in your list of options so as not to eliminate other options due to preconceived notions as a matter of fact the one in the bottom of your list could end up being your choice of occupation. By digging deeper you now narrow your number of occupation to three-five occupation in the hospitality industry and finally you end up in the third process which is now making a match after being armed with information of different occupation you now narrow down to one by making final decisions you begin by making pros and cons of the set of occupations in your list this by identifying job duties, earnings, education requirements, and job outlook this will help you to make the best decision and what befits your interest in the said department that will not only make your work enjoyable but also offer financial support. It is therefore advisable to choose a job that best fits the above data and you will end up enjoying your job for the rest of your life. Say in the hotel industry choosing being a chef due to relevance from Self-Assessment, Career exploration and Making a match could end you being the best chef in the world.


This is the method of converting an idea, method or discovery into a good or provision that will bring in financial benefits to a hospitality industry one works for. For an idea to be called an innovation it must satisfy an economy cost and must satisfy a specific need, it involves application of imagination, information, and initiative in coming up with greater values from resources this encompasses all procedures that are taken into considerations in changing ideas into useful products in a work set up innovation could include creating new methods of alliance creation, flexible working hours, joint venturing, and purchasing power. Innovation can be deeply explained by two methods; evolutionary which is continuous innovation that is brought about by increase in advances of technology and revolutionary also known as discontinuous innovation which are often new and disruptive. In hotel industry employees have a role in innovation according to Teresa Amabile (1998) innovation that is in a person is a utility of: knowhow, thinking creatively, and drive. Expertise derives from familiarity after ages of working in a field employees acquire deep knowledge about it and this the initial necessity for one to come up with an idea which will later transform into an innovation, creative thinking is a skilled and a determined thinking process of an individual to tackle problems, this comes with the fact that necessity is the mother of all innovations thus when an employee is in dire need to simplify work thus came up with an invention, motivation for hotel industry employees could be a source of innovation when an employee works with passion and agility to make the organization better, a motivated person does a work with creative thinking and efficacy. As a hospitality firm it should foster creativity and innovation through conducting training plans problem solving, lateral thinking, and brainstorming skills of employees, this enhance abilities of workforce hence increase production.

Customers Service

Services are actions and performances made by people, animal and machines for another person, animal and machines while on the other hand customer service is an all-inclusive action of finding and meeting a customer’s desire to the point of satisfaction. This helps in building up devotion from the customers. Example of customer services is when a person assists a client to find certain good or services in a hotel either physically, through the media or through a phone call. Another example of a is when a customer in unable to setup and install his or her television digital signal they just call the customer attention center for assistance. If for instance these requests are not answered by welcoming representative, the customer is immediately turned off. This Also applies in the tourism and hotel industry where it demand the business involved to give quality services to fix the gap between the customers expectancy and perceives. At most times, customers experience is affected by the surroundings and the setting of s place. A welcoming employee can smile a bad-tempered toddler calming him/her down making the mother stay a little longer than just running away. On the same note, a welcoming servant in a hotel can make the guest feel at home. Customer walking out happy will not just keep them from coming back but also recommending it. Modern day organizations are placing their efforts in constructing positive customer relationship where it doesn’t matter the degree of their satisfaction but literally what are their expectation and view. Satisfaction in clients is measured when their expectation are being exceeded by the services offered.

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Tourist and Hotel Industry Worldwide, their greatest involvement is a client in quest of gratification to their needs. Their Biggest goal and objective is seeing a client walking out satisfied. This earns the recommendation to other people and a possible coming back. It is of value for a management and other staff in business or an organization to treasure good customer service in order to guarantee high quality service to their clients.

Team Work

Teamwork is a process where individual in an organization, government and institutions in collaboration work together to achieve a goal or an objective. This involves them cooperating and using their individual skills to give a productive results regardless of the engagement between them. Morgan Glickman, Woodard and Salas define a team as “distinguishable set of two or more individuals who interact interdependently and adaptively to achieve specified, shared and value objectives”. Teamwork plays an important role in the tourism industry and hospitality industry which, most of its business and motives is to satisfy the customer. Creating a team and working with it for them will increase the capacity of the employees to take part in making of plans, setting of goals and priorities, decisions which constitutes of method and how to do things and finally in solving problem that may arise hence giving quality service and upholding their standards.

Tourist and hospitality business that’s have embraced teamwork have seen escalation in performance of work production, problem solving and has stimulated new growth and all this is because in a team well trained member have a room and platform to help and advise the less experienced coworker. Secondly, In a team facilitate innovativeness hence giving room for member to come up with new ideas on bringing down business challenges and finally Resolving of conflicts within the company and distribution of resources has been made easier by team work.

There are many ways to design a team. This designs makes a team structure. A good and super designed team structure helps a business in particularly the tourism and hospitality business to operate with effect. This teams ought to organize its accomplishments and independent deliveries, give feedback on what is being worked on together with its shortcomings and in unison give solutions to the difficulties and finally come out with decisions that promotes the goals of the business. There are many types of teams in any organization and business. Vertical team structure where the members of the team are not of the same hierarchy and level. It has a manager and subordinate workers who works in the same department. The second category goes the horizontal team structure which involves members whose levels are same and finally virtual team structure where the member of operate in a different geographical location but working on a specific objective. In maintaining a team, each member should feel appreciated and treasured from their contribution to who they are, their leader should be friendly to the whole team, shoe respect and be a good example, there should be good communication and collaboration between the member of a team.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. It is the ability of a person to lead other people, groups, teams or the entire entity. Successful leaders do possess a great social intelligence, need for change and the ability to sights on things that really matter. As one climb up career ladder in hospitality industry one acquires greater managerial and leadership responsibilities it all begins with learning how to supervise others, ‘am not worried of an army of lion led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion’ these are great words of Alexander The Great that puts a leader into its perspective a leader relates directly to success or failure of a hotel industry and there are some skills that a leader has to possess so as to be successful such as people skills and business skills a good leader will exhibit both. People skills in hotel industry entails respect, fair play among employees, customer relations and problem solving abilities. Respect is the key aspect in leadership and it’s upon the leader to create a perception that he’s fair and just that rules apply to everyone, this is the first step in creating a successful leadership career in hotel industry. In business skills one needs to have grasp of computer technology, record keeping procedures, business sense. Without these traits there is zero chance of leader success in hotel industry, the ability to know business end of hotel industry could be a vital skill rather than making decisions from feelings that originate from nowhere. Good managers combine voice of experience with business practice to advance whenever there comes a chance to do so, take on challenges as they come and set stage for growth rate.

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