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Comparing Different Types of Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism has been described as tourism activities involving a person in their physical, cultural and natural form, taking the person out of their comfort bubble. Tourism as an adventure can be divided into two types: hard adventure and soft adventure. Hard adventure carries risk...

The Best Time to Travel to Tokyo City

Harajuku is one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in Tokyo. It’s an iconic part of the city and is one of the main reasons why so many people book tickets to Tokyo from Sydney each year. There are tons of cosplay shops, upmarket boutiques and...

Successful RV Camping and Technical Issues

Successful RV camping requires a lot of planning. Such trips usually include a number of difficulties and challenges, and a beginner RVer can hardly anticipate them. The following are some tips to deal with such challenges while on the road with a recreational vehicle. The...

Adventure Tourism: Risk Taking in Adventure of Life 

What is adventure tourism? From the word itself, we can figure out what does it mean. But, what does it contain? How important it is, or was it even important? Adventure tourism is basically travelling with eagerness for seeking adventure. Seeking something new, something that...

The Complicated Art of Adventure Filmmaking

Film has and will always be a constantly changing form of art and media that goes through tremendous adaptation starting in the early centuries. ‘Film genre has become an increasingly contested concept in film scholarship, the ‘genre film’ continues to dominate much of Hollywood’s annual...

Breakdown and Listing of Adventure Tourism Activities

Adventure tourism is an important, growing tourism segment. Most of the beaches and Islands of Karnataka state is blessed with many unique characteristics such as backwaters, rivers, estuaries, forest or mountains on the either side. Adventure travelers always seek unique or new travel destinations and...

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