Comparing Different Types of Adventure Tourism

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Adventure tourism has been described as tourism activities involving a person in their physical, cultural and natural form, taking the person out of their comfort bubble. Tourism as an adventure can be divided into two types: hard adventure and soft adventure. Hard adventure carries risk and danger to life, such as trekking or bungee jumping, where exploring areas that are not known and normally visited by tourists, such as visiting unexplored destinations, is involved as a soft adventure.

Eco- tourism is a part of soft tourism. It's a method of traveling where tourists travel to underdeveloped places in order to explore nature and wilderness. They like to experience the natural beauty of the place. This style of travel requires less vehicles, housing, and relying on the natural and cultural methods of water and food procurement. They are seeking to explore the place's local food and culture. Exploring destinations such as the Amazon forest, Barrier reefs or viewing of Artic polar bear.

Thrill tourism has become a type of adventure tourism that is most popular and exciting. Activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing, rock climbing, base jumping, and much more. This is the form of tourism in which there is an adrenaline rush and a sense of panic from the activities. Accessible tourism is a line between soft and hard adventure. It offers cultural exploration excursions or extreme activities such as bungee jumping or water rafting. It gives the user a free option to select their desired form of experience.

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Soft tourism is the subject of Ethno tourism. Tourists are involved in experiencing and contacting different people in the world with different cultures. This form of tourism may include trekking to various undiscovered locations, visiting underdeveloped city or surrounding suburban areas, or long trips to the outskirts of the town.

As far as adrenaline pumping is concerned, few things beat throwing yourself out of an aircraft and falling into the sky at a breathtaking freefall, but as the parachute opens, you can catch your breath and enjoy the amazing views. Use a Miami Tandem Skydive to soar your eyes over the ocean for a beachside view or get a panoramic view of the glittering lights of Las Vegas Strip with a Las Vegas Tandem Skydive.

These days, Treetop ziplines reach new heights and you can zoom through the air at break-neck speeds while being securely attached to the safety harness. Get the ultimate adrenaline rush on a Bootleg Canyon Zipline Experience, scream on a Hawaiian scenery Kipu Zipline Safari, or tackle the longest zipline route in North America on a Cancun Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour.

 Forget about walking through the sand dunes, sliding downhill on a sandboard is the most entertaining way to get around in the desert. The summer alternatives to snowboarding, sand boarding has quickly become a popular hobby, however if you can't get your balance, don't worry-instead you can always sit on the board and go downhill! Try a sand boarding safari from Dubai 4x4 or a sand boarding tour from Managua to Cerro Negro Volcano in which you can climb the famous volcano before swooping back down on the other side.

Take a dip with sharks in the ocean so close that you can hear their fins swish. Take a trip to St Thomas to enjoy swimming with sharks in Coral World Ocean Park, in which you can take a trip to the dolphin pools if your nerves get stronger or are brave enough to go deep in the Atlantic to try Cage Diving from Cape Town with Great White Sharks.    

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