Successful RV Camping and Technical Issues

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Successful RV camping requires a lot of planning. Such trips usually include a number of difficulties and challenges, and a beginner RVer can hardly anticipate them. The following are some tips to deal with such challenges while on the road with a recreational vehicle. The first tips is to create a checklist, which will include everything that you need while on the trip. This ensures that you are not overloading the recreational vehicle and neither leaving behind things that you require on the road and/ or campsite. 

Also, check your recreational vehicles; make sure there is no leakage or other technical problems. As you check the RV, make sure the tire pressure is apt, as it may cause double dual blowout even if one tire go low pressure. It is recommended to get roadside assistance, in case of road problems with your recreational vehicle. There are many companies providing such services and they are worth every penny if your travel trailer breaks down in the middle of the road. 

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Make sure your service provider offers services in the part of the country you will be driving through; otherwise, carry a yellow page to get contact details of local companies providing roadside assistance. Get more details about the places you can camp with your recreational vehicle. There are a number of private and public RV parks available, though private RV campgrounds are more popular among RVers as they are easy to track. However, many public lands and state parks offer RV camping sites off the beaten path. In fact, such camping sites are available in every state. 

For RVers, who opt for frequent camping trips, it is recommended to check for discount camping clubs. There are many such clubs offering discounts on campground fees; however, these discount programs are only beneficial for the frequent campers. In addition, there are several RV clubs offering various discount programs for their members. Another important tip is to weight your recreational vehicle before you hit the road. It is very easy to overload your recreational vehicle. 

And overloading often causes major RV accidents. Thus, weigh your travel trailer, axle by axle. In fact, it is important to weigh every corner of your recreational vehicle separately and balance the load. Also, adhere to the hitch weight ratios on your recreational vehicle. The manual of your recreational vehicle always mention the height of your motorhome, and you must know it. You need to consider the height of your RV while driving through an overpass. Similarly, while parking your motorhome in a covered area you will need to consider the height of your vehicle. 

While you stay in a campground with hookups, make sure the black tank is not open. It is recommended to dump the black tank only when it is 2/3 full, otherwise you may face the problem of having a clog. It is also applicable for gray tank, though up to some extent. In addition, you must dump the black tank first so that the gray water cleans out the dump hose. Finally, it is recommended to get a pair of Family Radio Service, which are small hand-held radios for communicating with each other. They are especially helpful while backing or parking the recreational vehicle. You can use hand signals too for the same purpose.

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