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Urban Growth And Urban Sprawl In Urbanization

Urban growth or “sprawl” is a common affliction of many modern American cities; a collection of single-use low-density zoning that is spread out from each other and connected by highways. Driving through Metro Detroit suburbs I see examples everywhere, separated collections of subdivisions, office parks,...

Literature Review On Researches About Urban Sprawl

Though there is controversy about the precise description of urban sprawl, the common consensus is that urban expansion is categorized by unplanned and irregular growth patterns, which are determined by various practices, resulting in disorganized use of resources. The straight effect of this extent is...

Urban Sprawl And Other Effects Of Urbanization

Shifting population from rural to urban area is called urbanization and during six last decades, urbanization has proceeded rapidly. In 2017, 55 % of the world’s population lived in urban areas. The urbanization will increase to more than 66% in 2050; while in 1950, more...

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