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Noise Pollution: The Sources And Classification

Introduction: The word ‘Noise’ is derived from the Latin word ‘nausea’ which means feeling of sickness at the stomach with an urge to vomit [1]. Sound that is unwanted or disrupts one’s quality of life is called as noise. When there is lot of noise...

Analazying The Impact Of Aviation Noise Pollution

Abstract When the Wright Brothers first flew their aircraft above Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, airplanes were still just a dream. From that dream, the aviation industry boomed and aircraft in the skies became more popular, though not a means of transportation for an everyday citizen....

Noise Pollution Reduction In Relationship With Urban Forestry And Urban Greening

Abstract:  The main objective of this paper is to understand and examine various noise pollution reduction and attenuation methods. Noise modifies social behavior, endangers complex task performance, reduces productivity and causes serious health issues like sleeplessness, deafness and mental breakdown. Noise pollution is adversely affecting...

The Main Sources Of Noise Pollution And Sustainability

Noise/noise pollution could be divided by using just “noise” or noise pollution. It is basically the unwanted, the unpleasant or the disagreeable sound that causes discomfort to all living beings on earth, and the intensity of the sound is measured in decibels. It has been...

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