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The Terrible Overfishing's Effects on the Marine Population

Firstly, amidst large fishing fleets and some fishing methods a domino influence is produced, that threatens many Marine species. According to WWF (2018), the global catch is two and a half times the sustainable amount of fish caught in the oceans, and there may not...

Resilience in the Open Oceans: The Case of Overfishing

The open oceans, also known as pelagic ecosystems are the water area that are located away from the coast, beyond the continental shelf’s edge and above the seabed or the benthic zone. The water column is divided into 5 zones, the epipelagic zone (0-200m), the...

Seeking a Solution to the Destructive Impact of Overfishing

Fish, one of the most consumed sources of protein all around the world. Species like Tuna, grouper and cod are some of the most widely consumed fish. Due to our mass desire for the consumption of these fish they face a major problem called overfishing....

Fishing Industry's Overfishing and Its Impact on Environment

Because of the fast development of a variety of advanced technologies of fishing, the fishing capabilities have improved to a large extent and thus have led to overfishing. Overfishing can be defined as the inadequate reproduction of the fish in the ocean because of frequent,...

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