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Temporary Coalition to Deal With Hurricane Katrina

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, approximately 1883 persons lost their lives, mostly children and elderly. Many people lost their homes, businesses, and most of the town infrastructure was devastated, as a result of engineering system levee, sea wall failure, and intergovernmental...

Natural Disasters: Why Hurricane Happens

The word ‘hurricane’ refers to violence that comes from the tropical or subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Caribbean, Mexican, or North Pacific. This term is used to describe the Gulf of Mexico. To be able to keep active, hurricanes need warm tropical waters, moisture, and...

The Impact Of Hurricane Katrina

The impact of the failure of the New Orleans Levee System after Hurricane Katrina took place was significant and long-lasting. Hurricane Katrina was quick to become the most expensive disaster in United States history and one of the worst. It impacted areas from southeast Louisiana...

History Of The Hurricane Camille

Beginning on August 14, 1969, Hurricane Camille traveled through the East Coast, with the most damage in Alabama, Virginia, Florida, and landfall in Mississippi and Cuba. Hurricane Camille has been named the second most intense hurricane, the third strongest tropical cyclone, and is one of...

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