Comparison Of The Damage Inflicted By Hurricane Maria And Joplin Tornado

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Hurricane Maria and Joplin’s tornado were both lethal cases of extreme weather that resulted in billions of dollars in damage, destroyed the livelihoods and houses of all in its paths, and resulted in many casualties. This essay will be comparing the two events in terms of mitigation techniques, the difference of an MEDC vs. an LEDC, in terms of damages, relief, and overall control on the events.

It would be an understatement to proclaim that Joplin Missouri was unprepared for an EF5 tornado. After the 200 mph tornado mile diameter tornado struck, it cleared everything in its path. Destroying over 7,000 homes and taking the lives of 158 people. Joplin’s tornado was regarded to be one of the most destructive tornadoes in american history.

Joplin’s relief and expenses costed up to a total of 2.8 billion (USD) having over 19,000 insurance claims made. This however differs from Hurricane Maria which mainly took place in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria was a category 5 hurricane that managed to sustain wind speeds of over 175 miles an hour taking the lives of over 5,740 people the hurricane would have costed 91.61 billion US dollars if fully covered.

However, in Puerto Rico, the damages were at an estimated 8 billion US dollars. It is said that the hurricane cost Puerto Ricans over 780 million (USD) in agriculture fields. The hurricane left Puerto Ricans stranded having stated that over 95% of the cell towers were down and out of proper usage. The hurricane also triggered landslides to take place causing over 25 landslides per square mile.

Although it may come as a surprise, hurricane Maria left Puerto Ricans stranded and ended up costing them big time. Puerto Ricans were stuck with little communications to the outside world and it left many out of jobs. It was stated that over 80% of the neighbourhood around San Juan was completely destroyed. Although the two events were different in terms of the event of extreme weathering, the two were very similar.

Both Puerto Rico and Joplin were left in chaotic states both having severe damages. With this in mind, it is said that if fully repaired Puerto Rico’s relief would have costed an estimated 8 billion US dollars. Three months after the hurricane, 45% of Puerto Ricans still had no access to electricity, as well as only 14% still not having full access to clean drinking water. This differs heavily from Joplin who took only two days to restore power and cell towers to the citizens that lost it. That being said the two events of extreme weather that took place in both Puerto Rico and Joplin Missouri deferred completely from amount of damages, people homeless, as well as communications and essential human amenities.

The overall control of post relief on both Joplin and Puerto Rico were extremely different. The aftermath of both events left Joplin and Puerto Rico in shambles. The two places were left in the dirt. Joplin Missouri, being the MEDC in this situation, had over 2.8 billion (USD) in damages being the single most costliest tornado in U.S history. It was said that after a day of the event over 19,000 insurance claims were made.

This was the first difference between Puerto Rico and Missouri. Whereas insurance claims were made and fulfilled in Missouri, 15% of Puerto Ricans were still without basic human needs such as running water several months after the hurricane.

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