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Nuclear Power, Its Characteristics, and Use

Socially: With the demands in the world shifting towards society needing more electricity, nuclear power has been a way to meet power needs while keeping the carbon footprint low. Nuclear power as a whole may have a stigma attached to it. One would assume, the...

The Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants Hygiene Standards

Introduction Over the past 100 years or so, physicists have converted uranium-235 and uranium-238 into energy through a process called nuclear fission. But before we go into all that more in detail let’s start at the beginning. Uranium was first discovered in 1789 by Martin...

Cohen's "The Solar Dream"

In “The Solar Dream,” Professor Bernard L. Cohen from the University of Pittsburgh argues that solar energy will not replace nuclear energy anytime soon. He says that producing solar energy costs much more than producing energy via a nuclear power plant. Not only does it...

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