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The Harmful Effects of an Ocean Pollution to Marine Life and Human Health

Have you ever littered on the beach and have thought about the negative impacts it will cause? A majority of humans do not think about the lives of others who are non-human-like sea creatures, whales, organisms, fundamentally marine animals. We as humans do what is...

Solution to Littering - Global World Problems

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There are many solutions to littering, most solutions are either quick ones or long-term ones. The amount of litter accumulating in the United States (U.S.) is growing to heights the world has never seen before. With continued negligence, quick solutions for littering problems will no...

Littering is a Persistent Problem Across the Globe

Littering is a major environmental concern in many parts of the globe, it is the subject of many studies, yet the problem persists. This paper seeks to delve into the attitudes that cause residents of Extension 11 in Ikageng to engage in littering behavior. This...

Peer Influence is the Second Points - Littering Habits

Littering is a common bad habit that has been increasing with actions such as throwing away or dropping the rubbish on the ground in public places instead of bins or wastepaper baskets. Littering has to become a major problem that has been highlighted over the...

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