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Science Behind the Changing Earth

The advancement and knowledge on the plate tectonics theory was a very important asset to biogeography, it provided a foundation for our understanding of our ever-evolving planet. The theory provided our understanding on the landmasses that inhabit this world as well as the ocean basins….

Effective Volcano Eruption Predictions Using GPS

Volcanic Event Predicitions Using Gps Technology and Solution Volcanoes erupt randomly, therefore, volcanic prediction systems were created. For accurate predictions, the volcano’s vital signs are monitored using various tools. Deformation of the ground surface surrounding a volcano can give signals of pressure changes in the…

Volcano Kilauea: The Most Active Volcano on Earth

Background Information Kilauea, additionally known as Mount Kilauea, is the world’s most active volcanic mass, settled on the southeastern part of the island of Hawaii. Kilauea (“Much Spreading” in Hawaiian), is associate elongated dome engineered of volcanic rock eruptions from a central crater and from…

Bermuda Triangle: One of the Earth's Wonders

There are many wonders in the world that we had seen throughout Earth’s creation. But as there are wonders, mysteries also created as human knows more about life. We see these mysteries as supernatural, and could be the work of a higher being. Bermuda Triangle…

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